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Our Philosophy

As a Creative Studio, we don’t like to do the exact same thing over and over again. We want to be challenged with new inputs.

We are dynamic with our ideas and yet patient with the process, a balance that never fails to deliver a satisfying result.

We love technology, but knowledge is the toolbox of the imagination and that is where the great ideas come from.

Our Mission

Era Ora Studio is meant for the young ambitious* and the old dreamers**.
*The young and ambitious are the ones that make practice, knowledge and perfection their priority in life.
**The old dreamers are the men and woman that never stopped dreaming despite their daily struggles and routines.

– Every client is unique in their own way. Even though the request and needs may be similar, the results will not be the same.
– Our goal is to remember that ideas are given to us by the world that surrounds us. We know that creativity will follow.

Our Focus

We focus on:

 STRATEGY – We help redefine how problems are approached, we identify opportunities for action and apply design principles towards the big picture.

 CREATIVE – We lead communication design and concept forward by guiding our in-house or your creative team towards the big picture.

 BRANDING – Whether it’s print or online, we know how to connect the brand with it’s audience on multiple levels and through different brand touch points.

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