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The  packaging that we created for our studio has been published in the prestigious book Fashion Packaging Now – Images Publishing Group.
We are very proud to be part of the selected few featured in this collection.

This book will be a source of inspiration for design aficionados, fashion, advertising and merchandise managers, students, brand and retail managers, and educators in the fashion design, product design and graphic design fields.


The products are the result of their very own personal research for beauty with an eye on trends. From the beginning they chose to use ethical and “green” manufacturing companies.

The T-shirts are WRAP certificated and printed in the designers’ new hometown Winston-Salem with water based ink that allows the artwork to have an extremely soft touch.

For us packaging is very important, we like to consider it as a gift that must be unwrapped. We want the purchase of their product to be a pleasant experience for the customer.

Even if we decided to use a simple brown paper bag, it does not minimize the work we put into our T-shirts.
The addition of the black bold sticker on the side and the white sticker in the center of the package makes it very urban. It speaks to a young (in age and at heart) consumer that is inclined to streetwear.
Each product is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and left with a Thank You card as a sign of gratitude to the purchaser.
Beauty is simplicity and it does not have to be represented in the most expensive way. The products must be recyclable, durable and affordable.

Quality is important to them and that is why they like to work locally as much as they can. Being part of every step of the process is also important to them, but this limits the quantity of their products.

Everything is designed in the U.S.A. with an attention to detail that they like to call “the Italian accent”. This should not be mistaken for “Made in Italy”.

Attention to detail is the capability to combine different elements and create a unique mix of vibes. They have this approach in everything they do, whether it’s Apparel, Interior Design or Graphic Design.

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