Prova d’Artista


Logotype / Layout / Photo Direction


We were asked to create the logo and layout of the art magazine “Prova d’Artista”.
This magazine is printed in limited quantities by Stamperia Albicocco, renowned for fascinating old school techniques like drypoint, etching and aquatint.
Many well-known names in the industry of art enjoy the services of Corrado Albicocco, so we worked on the project with great pleasure.


The logo was created by hand with black ink.
Several attempts have been made but in the end we finally got the artistic result we wanted.
The header can be with white title and graphic elements on a black background or viceversa.
The inside of the magazine has been paginated with a double column in order to give more space to the artwork.

Prova d’Artista
Prova d’Artista
Prova d’Artista
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